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maandag 18 september 2017

de D☼☼s laajf in de b☼sse van E*

25 j☼ar Patje & Karin  @ the Garden Of W☼nders

featuring: Ingrid Veerman, Oswald Martens, Jos Halpern, DC Snakebuster Frank, Wally Rockin Wally, Deni Bonet, Matt Backer, Roland Van Beeck, Karin Van Herck, Ilse Van Ginderen, Veerle de Waal, Frank Vranckx (slÖ) ...
  1. Feathers & More - Old Woman Song (05:23)
  2. Feathers & More - Before I Met You (03:27)
  3. Feathers & More - Flatland Billie Baby (03:31)
  4. Feathers & More + - The Fairy Man (04:31)
  5. Feathers & More + - Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms (02:08)
  6. Feathers & More + - Ashes Of Love (03:16)
  7. Feathers & More + - Jackson (04:00)
  8. Feathers & More + - This World is Big Enough* (07:02)
  9. Feathers & More + - Que Sera (03:32)
  10. Feathers & More + - Folsom Prison (04:15)
  11. DC Snakebuster + - Roadhouse Blues (08:08)
  12. DC Snakebuster + - Let's Stick Together (03:17)
  13. Fabulous Ilse + - These Boots are made for Walking (04:06)
  14. DC Snakebuster + - Sharp Dressed Man (03:34)
  15. DC Snakebuster + - Baby What You Want Me To Do (03:05)
  16. DC Snakebuster + - Alabama Train (03:45)
  17. DC Snakebuster + - Ring Of Fire (03:25)


vrijdag 15 september 2017

De M☼ng☼☼lse Snaar

Dimitry Lauwers laajf in de studi☼ over zijn liefde voor Mongolië
(pic by 11*k*)
Uitgezonden 14.09.2017 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)
☼n air ev’ry thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r l☼nger)

Jimi Hendrix – If 6 was 9
Hüsker Dü – Something I Learned Today
Hüsker Dü – Somewhere
Nova Mob – I Won't Be There Anymore
Patti Smith – Nine
Urna Chahar-Tugch – Hödööd
Dimitry Pauwels over leven en muziek (morin khuur & keelzang) in Mongolië
Mend Mendee – Time
Batzorig Vaanchig – titel onbekend…
Khusugtun - Хөсөгтөн "Chingis Khaany magtaal"
Altan Urag - Khokh Tolboton
Galbingga group – Long song (Urtiin duu)
Uvertura – Tenger eej mine orshoo
slÖ – Ludo Mich in 7.30 min (patchwork over klokkespel)



vrijdag 8 september 2017

Just For The Mystery

Jackson Howard laajf in de studio, evenals Egoland (Extended)
(pic by slÖ)
Uitgezonden 07.09.2017 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)
☼n air ev’ry thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r l☼nger)
Holger Czukay – Boat-Woman-Song
Holger Czukay - On The Way To The Peak Of Normal
Ronnie Lane With Slim Chance - Roll On Babe
Derroll Adams & Donovan - Roll On Babe
Deroll Adams - Roll On Babe
Sarah McLachlan - Building A Mystery
Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli - Mystery Pacific
John Jorgenson - Man Of Mystery
Johnny Cash - The Mystery of Life
Jonathan Richman - Fly Into The Mystery
Jackson Howard - Just For The Mystery
Jackson Howard (live)Surround You, Run With Me, Dizzy, Dancing in The world, Driftwood, Call This Faith, Hideway (featuring Rebecca), This Town
Gong - The Perfect Mystery
Frank Zappa - Mystery Roach
Egoland (Extended) (live) - Make My Day (Johnny's Pitbull), Improvisatie in A mineur
Zwaarfris (live) - The Show
DeMentAliteit - La Bouteille
Ricky Nelson - Mystery Train




vrijdag 1 september 2017

Trug n☼rt sch☼☼l: fijnleerst☼f

schoolradio en Rafa's Ecohoekske...
(pic by slÖ: Richtkräfte by Joseph Beuys)
Uitgezonden 31.08.2017 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)
☼n air ev’ry thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r l☼nger)
Portsmouth Sinfonia - Also Sprach Zarathustra
Van Kooten & De Bie - Geestelijke Werkeloosheid
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - The Dust Blows Forward 'N the Dust Blows Back
Three Eyed Makara - Moonmilk Roof
13th Floor Elevators - Dust
Bob Dylan - Stardust
The Killers - A Dustland Fairytale
Eels - Dust of Ages
Koerner, Ray and Glover - Dust my Broom
Mavis Johns - Dust If You Must (Rose Milligan)
Woody Guthrie - Dust Can't Kill Me
Daniel Lanois - Dusty
Giant Sand - (Well) Dusted (For The Millennium)
Orchestra Mtchuk (live op Sterk Onversterkt Festival) – Caravan
Wagonman & Blaastaal – Kabouterleesplankje
Queen - Another One Bites the Dust
Jeff Beck - Diamond Dust
Frank Zappa on schools
Frank Zappa - Night School
Dusty Springfield - Son of a Preacher Man
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins - Shut Your Mouth When You Sneeze
Slam Stewart & Major Holley ‎– Shut Yo' Mouth
David Bowie – Blackstar
Pete the Temp - Wandering Star
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Cities in Dust
Rafa's Ecohoekske (1): fietsers en vervuilde lucht, de kastanjebomen van de Charlottalei
Spinvis – Bagagedrager
Rafa's Ecohoekske (2): orkanen en watersnood
Gil Scott-Heron - Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler)
Cibelle - Green Grass
Rafa's Ecohoekske (3): de lucht in Borgerhout
The White Stripes – City Lights
Rafa's Ecohoekske (4): mobiliteit in A’pen: wolk & don’t loek bak
Raymond Van Het Groenenwoud & Zita Swoon - De Lange Wapper
Wannes Van de Velde - Lied van de Lange Wapper
KasjaNoova - Intro Letter by Post
Jimi Hendrix - Bright Lights, Big City (Jimi´s Hotel room, New York, USA, March 1968)
Them - Bright Lights, Big City
Mal Sondock - Juanita Banana

herbeluister / listen:



vrijdag 25 augustus 2017

Vanalle klein dingeskes

En laajf in de studi☼: Feathers & More, Johan Gysels en Rafa's Ecohoekske...
(pic by slÖ)
Uitgezonden 24.08.2017 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)
☼n air ev’ry thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r l☼nger)
McKinney's Cotton Pickers – It's A Precious Little Thing
The Red Devils - Little By Little
The Yardbirds - Little Games
Yo la Tengo - Tiny Birds
Moondog - My Tiny Butterfly
Arborea - This Little Light Of Mine
Tiny Masters of Today - Radio Riot
Sun Ra - Tiny Pyramids
Malvina Reynolds - Little Boxes
Tiny Tim - The Viper
Tiny Vipers - Can I Use Magic to Stop the World from Dying?
Kevin Coyne - One Little Moment
Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing
Bob Dylan - Tiny Montgomery
Charlie Parker - Tiny's Tempo
Tiny Parham and His Musicians - Washboard Wiggles
Johan Gysels - open brief aan Charles Michel
Betty James - I'm A Little Mixed Up
Hurray for the Riff Raff - Little Things
Orit Shimoni (Little Birdie) - Delicate Times
Derroll Adams - Little Birdie
Bob Brozman - Little Tough Guy Blues
Herman Brood & His Wild Romance - Little Sister
Iggy Pop - Tiny Girls
Ralph McTell - Girl On A Bicycle
Ingrid & Oswald over hun trektochtje langs de Kyll
Tom Waits - Little Trip To Heaven (On The Wings Of Your Love)
The Ramones - Little Bit O' Soul
Feathers & More (live) - Wayfaring Stranger
The Sweet - Little Willy
Feathers & More (live) - Hey, Good Lookin'
The White Stripes - Little Ghost
Screaming Jay Hawkins - Little Demon
Ingrid Veerman – de banjo vindt een vriendje...
Pete Seeger - Little Boxes
Rafa's ecohoekske (1): Tiny House Movement
Frank Zappa - City of Tiny Lites
Rafa's ecohoekske (2): natuurverf, de bomen op de Charlottalei, zeewaterontzilting in Agadir, opwarmingsperikelen
Eddie Vedder – The Wolf
The National - I Should Live in Salt
Rafa's ecohoekske (3): zeespiegels
Robert Wyatt - Sea Song
The Be Good Tanyas – The Littlest Birds
Rafa's ecohoekske (4): de teloorgang van de albatros
Fleetwood Mac – Albatross
Tiny Legs Tim - Religion Serves The Devil Well




zondag 20 augustus 2017

Karsmis in de z☼mer...

Santa pelt eikes meh de KKK en Ecotravellings meh streppekes*
(pic by slÖ)
Uitgezonden 17.08.2017 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)
☼n air ev’ry thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r l☼nger)
Can – Little Star Of Bethlehem
Cal Smith - Santa In July
Lou Reed – Xmas In February
Canned Heat – Christmas Blues
The White Stripes – Christmas Message, Silent Night
Kevin Ayers – Where Do The Stars End?
The White Stripes - My Doorbell
Harry Belafonte – Chickens
Dave Van Ronk – Chicken Is Nice
Marilyn Manson - The KKK Took my Baby Away
Gil Scott-Heron – The Klan
Ferre Grignard – Ring, Ring, I've Got to Sing
The Ramones – The KKK Took my Baby Away
Hillfolk Noir - Chicken Chase Rag
Spectrum Meets Captain Memphis - The Old Cow Died
New Rising Sun - Sad Sad World
Gebroeders Vanderstraten – Patatten
Ben Miller Band – Twinkle Toes
Basically Rollers - The KKK Took My Baby Away
Tyrannosaurus Chicken – Hammer
Sly and The Family Stone – Chicken
Dean Martin & Helen O'Connell - How D’Ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning
Trashmen - Dancin' With Santa
The Rolling Stones – Little Red Rooster
Simon Hudson – Never Knew Why
Hash Bamboo Shuffle – Lonesome Traveller
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Travelin’ Band
Ronnie Lane & Steve Marriott – Green Chicken
Rafa’s Ecohoekske: over ecologisch reizen (1)
The Ramblers – Fietsen op de Heide
Rafa’s Ecohoekske: over ecologisch reizen (2)
Dirty Three – Backwards Voyager
Rafa’s Ecohoekske: over ecologisch reizen (3)
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention - Sofa No. 1
Luka Bloom - The Acoustic Motorbike
Johnny Cash - I Got Stripes – Doin' My Time
Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock
Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman, A Better Place, I'm Not Gonna Miss You
Tim Buckley - Dream Letter/Happy Time


zaterdag 12 augustus 2017

Invisible @ Landjuweel, R☼llin' R☼land & Rafa's Ec☼h☼ekske

Laajf in de studi☼: Rollin' Roland
(pic by 11*k*)
Uitgezonden 10.08.2017 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)
☼n air ev’ry thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r l☼nger)
Stef Kamil Carlens - I'm Going Away
Erwin Invisible's Landjuweel (Ruigoord) verslag:
Interview met Sam Nemeth (voorzitter Stichting Landjuweel), Lutopia Orchestra, Gedicht van Ruigoord's huisfilosoof Thomas Meyer, Senior Markusen, Maya Fridman op cello en met stem, Interview Met Silvia van Radio Ruigoord, Gilbert Garcia, Colors of India, Antwerpse bekenden, Convoi Exceptionnel, Stuk uit lezing van Peter van der Wel en Snowapple and Mad Orchestra
Grizzly Bear – Alligator
Rollin' Roland (live) - Greenback Dollar, The Last Thing On My Mind, Don't Cry Sister, Famous Blue Raincoat
Hot Air Balloon – Worms
Troy Petty - All Ghosts, Motormind
Paul Landau - Missing It Up
Marco R Wagner - Ride the Blues, Abandon in Place
Kevin Coyne - Don't Make Waves
Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes
Doug Dicharry - Ring That Bell
Rollin' Roland (live) – Me and Bobby McGee, Donna Donna
Sandel – The Shadows
Rafa's Ecohoekske: geluidsvervuiling – opwarming – ecologische bewegingen
Neil Young - Mother Earth, Wolf Moon
The Pixies - Monkey Gone to Heaven
Kate Tempest - Lionmouth Door Knocker, Tunnel Vision
Hood - Collapsing Climate Soul
Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals - Call It What It Is



vrijdag 4 augustus 2017

verl☼☼re gev☼nde

z☼nder kwijting ...
(pic by 11*k*)
Uitgezonden 03.08.2017 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)
☼n air ev’ry thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r l☼nger)
Grateful Dead - Lost Sailor
Frank Zappa - Lost In A Whirlpool
Ferre Grignard - The Lost Affair
Tom Waits - Bottom of the World
Urban Sax & Pierre Henry - Paradise Lost
Laurie Anderson - Lost Art of Conversation
Miles Davis - Don't Lose Your Mind
The Fall - Lost in Music
Clarence Frogman Henry - I Found A Home
Talking Heads - Found A Job
Patti Smith - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Jeanne Moreau - Le blues indolent (1963) (03:19)
Jeanne Moreau - Lamour s'en vient lamour s'en va (02:58)
Tucker Zimmerman - No Love Lost
Steely Dan - Rikki Don't Lose That Number
Daniel Johnston - I Had Lost My Mind
Marianne Faithful - I'm A Loser
The Clash - Lost In the Supermarket
Medusa Susu - Lost in the supermarket
Motörhead - Born To Lose
Medusa Susu - Paradise's lost and found
The Alan Parsons Project - Nothing Left to Lose
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Me and Bobby McGee
Janis Joplin - Women Is Losers
Cat Power - I Found A Reason
Allen Toussaint - You Will Not Lose
Orit Shimoni – Don't Mind Losing
The Heavenly States - Lost in the Light
Blood Red Shoes - Je Me Perds
Kate Tempest - Europe Is Lost
Alois De Beuseleir en Wilma (live) – De lichtjes van de Schelde, Summertime
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen - Lost in the Ozone
Rafa's Ecohoekske: Earth overshoot day
Pete Teo - Lost In America
Jim Allen - Lose This Skin
Country Gazette - Lost Indian
Armand - Ik Heb 't Gevonden
The Velvet Underground - I Found A Reason
Barbara Lynn - (If You Should Lose Me) You'll Lose A Good Thing
Charlie Parker - If I Should Lose You
Zhou Family Band (China) - begrafenis muziek: het lijden en het feest



vrijdag 28 juli 2017


Beans for your ears...
(pic by  slÖ)
Uitgezonden 27.07.2017 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 (Antwerp)
☼n air ev’ry thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r l☼nger)
Johnny Cash – Look At Them Beans
Shel Silverstein – Beans Taste Fine
Les Négresses Vertes – La Faim des Haricots
Clifton Chenier – Les Haricots Sont Pas Salés
The Dukes of Stratosphear – Open a Can of Human Beans
KittyWild & John Ainsworth – I Will Survive
Ma Rainey – Jelly Bean Blues
Drs. P – Het Mooie Oude Ambacht (Bonenpikster)
Pete Seeger – Beans In My Ears
Rafa – Ecobean trailer
Ween – We Seen Bean Ween
Moondog – Coffee Beans
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Big Eyed Beans from Venus
Johnny Cash – Joe Bean
Bean Goose – Boneganze
Blurt – Spill the Beans
Soft Machine – Thank You Pierrot Lunaire/Have You Ever Bean Green
Ray Charles – String Bean
Raymond Van Het Groenewoud feat. Slongs & DJ Grazzhoppa – Bonestaakdans
François Jerosme – Les Flageolets
Robbie Roos – Sperziebonen
Wannes Van De Velde – Boontje
The Gourds – Bean Bowl
The Gourds – My Time, Yer Time
Coleman Hawkins – Beans Blues
Jimmy Owens – El Frejoles (the bean)

herbeluister / listen:


donderdag 27 juli 2017

Wie's & wiekes / In Mem☼riam Mike Rafone Smith

en Brian Pearce en Jos Halpern laajf in de studi☼
(pic by slÖ)
Uitgezonden 20.07.2017 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 (Antwerp)
☼n air ev’ry thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r l☼nger)
Eno • Hyde – Who Rings the Bell
Fad Gadget – For Whom The Bell Tolls
Dr. JohnZu Zu Mamou
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention – Who Are The Brain Police
The Whodads – Sahara
Legendary Stardust Cowboy – Who's knocking on my door?!
Memphis Minnie - Hoodoo Lady Blues
Barry Mann - Who Put The Bomp
Talking Heads – Who Is It?
John Cale & Bob Neuwirth – Who's In Charge?
Love – Stephanie Knows Who
Willy DeVille – Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot
Brim (Mike Rafone Smith and Brian Pearce) – Sara Sara, You're beautiful, To Find You, Rambling Man, Ride On
Paul Clayton – Who's Gonna Buy You Ribbons
Yello – Who's Gone?
Leonard Cohen – Who by Fire
Tom Waits – Who Are You?
Country Joe & the Fish – Who Am I?
Brian Pearce & Jos Halpern (live) – Boundary Line, If Only I Could, The Bridge is Burning
Brim (Mike Rafone Smith and Brian Pearce) – My Lady Says, Louie Louie
Brian Pearce (live) – Hide Away Now
Traffic – Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring
John Hartford - Indian War Whoop
Wizzard – Are You Ready To Rock

vrijdag 14 juli 2017

tusse de w☼efkes: Sim☼n Huds☼n Band

de Simon Hudson Band en Feathers & More vliege der laajf in...
(pic by 11*k*)
Uitgezonden 13.07.2017 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 (Antwerp)
☼n air ev’ry thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r l☼nger)
Moondog - Moondog’s Theme
Ingrid Veerman - Two Puppies
David Rovics - The Riot Dog
Nick Drake - Black Eyed Dog
Kevin Ayers - Beware Of The Dog II
John Spencer Blues Explosion - Chicken Dog
TC Matic - Act Like A Dog
Eugene Chadbourne - Old Dog - to Mocho
The Holy Sons - Underdog Cringe
Norma Tanega – Walking My Cat Named Dog
Simon Hudson Band - Shot in the Dark
Simon Hudson Band (live) – Today, Your Boat, When You Said, Calito Marron
Simon Hudson Band - Do Me A Favour
Simon Hudson Band (live) - I Know You’ll Be Allright, Never Knew Why, Gone A Long Time
Simon Hudson Band - Song About Us
Joni Mitchell – Amelia
Ronny Lane & Slim Chance - Amelia Earhart's Last Flight
Alpha Blondy - Les Chiens
Feathers & More (live) - Elephant Crossing
The Monkees - Gonna Buy Me a Dog
Napoleon Puppy - Ellos me quieren lievar
Jacques Brel - Les Filles et les Chiens



vrijdag 7 juli 2017

De Spellekesd☼☼s

alleml spellekes...
(pic by 11*k*)
Uitgezonden 06.07.2017 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 (Antwerp)
☼n air ev’ry thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r l☼nger)
Chick Corea - What Game Shall We Play Today?
Joe South - Games People Play
The Yardbirds - Little Games
The Doors - A Little Game
Frank Zappa – A Game Of Cards
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Old Fart at Play
Doc Pomus - Pool Playing Baby
Betty Davis - Game Is My Middle Name
St Andries Mc's – Spellekes
David Bowie - It's No Game (Part 1)
Rafa – ‘t Spelleke van’t Tunelleke
Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers
John Renbourn - The Cuckoo
Bob Dylan - Only A Pawn In Their Game
Graham Parker - Tear Your Playhouse Down
Colosseum - The Playground
Pierre Henry - Psyche Rock
John Lennon - Mind Games
The Rolling Stones - Play With Fire
Lightnin’ Hopkins - Let Me Play With Your Poodle
Sun Ra - Angels And Demons At Play
Ray Charles - Game Number Nine
Ike & Tina Turner - Game Of Love
Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders - The Game Of Love
Holly - On With the Game
Rosalie Sorrels - The Girl That Played Injun With Me
Steve Forbert - You Cannot Win (If You Do Not Play)
Blurt - Play The Game
Daniel Johnston & Jad Fair - Fan and Games
Kevin Coyne - Playing The Fool
The Alan Parsons Project - Games People Play
Serge Gainsbourg – Les Playboys


vrijdag 30 juni 2017

Marc☼’s Sp☼anse Slag

Laajf c☼llaajdings meh Marco R. Wagner, Ken Post en Feathers and More
(pic by Karin van Herck)
Uitgezonden 29.06.2017 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 (Antwerp)
☼n air ev’ry thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r l☼nger)
The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil
The Velvet Underground - What Goes On
Marco R. Wagner - I've Got All I Need
Marco R. Wagner live - In the Middle of the Night, I Heard Your Voice Today, Fool In Love, Where Two Worlds Collide
Marco R. Wagner - Nowhere Bound
Ken Post & Marco R. Wagner live - Hoop for the Lowly, Spanish Stroll
Marco R. Wagner - Still On Standby
Marco R. Wagner live - It's The Night Time (Josh Rouse), Hasta Luego, Please, My Old Spain
Bob Dylan - Spanish Is The Loving Tongue
Feathers and More live - Paradise (John Prine), Clandestino (Manu Chao)
John Zorn - Shaolin Bossa


zaterdag 24 juni 2017

H☼t is the new C☼☼l

En Charles Jarvis, Ken Post en Tarak Labiad laajf in de studi☼ 
(pic by 11*k*)
Uitgezonden 22.06.2017 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 (Antwerp)
☼n air ev’ry thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r l☼nger)
The Lovin' Spoonful - Summer In The City
Donovan - The Summer Day Reflection Song
Brian Auger & Julie Driscoll – This Wheel's On Fire
Kate Bush & Stephen Fry - 50 Words For Snow
Uit 'Down by Law' - I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – Ice Cream Man
Charles Jarvis - Friend Song
The Devil Makes Three - River Deep
The Devil Makes Three - Oceans Cold
Ella Jenkins - Wade in the Water
Moondog – Oasis
Buena Vista Social Club - De Camino a la Vereda
Stevie Wonder - Master Blaster (Jammin’)
Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues
Charles Jarvis - Shake It Like A Bum
Ken Post & Charles Jarvis – Summertime
Captain Beefheart - Ice Cream for Crow
Tarak Labiad over zijn app. “Antwerpen Vroeger en Nu”
The Rolling Stones - Hot Stuff
Oscar Brown Jr. - But I was Cool
The Coasters - Three Cool Cats
The Triffids - Too Hot to Move, Too Hot to Think
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Summer Wine
Bob Dylan & The Band - This Wheel's On Fire
Leonard Cohen - Is This What You Wanted
10cc - I Wanna Rule The World
AC/DC – Thunderstruck
Oi Polloi - Dont Burn The Witch
Ella Fitzgerald - Too Darn Hot


zaterdag 17 juni 2017

De R☼ekel☼zen

En Paul Landau, Kate Vargas & The Reckless Daughters en Feathers & More laajf in de studi☼

(pic by slÖ)
Uitgezonden 15.06.2017 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 (Antwerp)
☼n air every thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r l☼nger)
Avondale Airforce - Mayan Navigator Aztec Astronaut Oaxaca
Bram Vermeulen - De Steen
Paul Landau - Better Man, Destiny (live), Refugees of this world (live), Brother Brother, Broken Wings (live)
Mick Softley - If Wishes Were Horses
Kate Vargas & The Reckless Daughters - Second Skin,  Down To My Soul, Mama Watched Me Sink, If You Love Me,  Call Back The Dogs,  Throw The Devil Back, Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby/If It Hadn't Been For Love, 12:31 (live)
The Low Anthem - Keep on the Sunny Side
Djeli Moussa Diawara & Bob Brozman - Voyage Dans Le Desert
Bob Dylan - Hills of Mexico
Feathers & More - Ruby, Beni Kadey (live)
Sun Ra & The Blues Project – Batman Theme
Sun Ra & His Astro-Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra - I'm Gonna Unmask The Batman
The Byrds - I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician
Cornelis Vreeswijk - Jantje's Blues
The Walkabouts - This Rotten Tree
Les Primitifs Du Futur - Mona Desire
Daniel Lanois – Oaxaca
Lila Downs - Sale Sobrando
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Third Stone from the Sun
Soft Machine - Dedicated to you but you weren't listening
Adrian Shaw - So it Goes
Lou Reed - Strawman

herbeluister / listen:


vrijdag 9 juni 2017

B☼☼M, B☼☼Mer, B☼☼Mst

En Loewie Anders, Jos Halpern, Ken Post en Rafa laajf in de studi☼
(pic by Piet Cox)
Uitgezonden 08.06.2017 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 (Antwerp)
☼n air every thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r l☼nger)
Bo Hansson - The Old Forest / Tom Bombadil
Pink Floyd - Careful with That Axe, Eugene
The Tolkien Ensemble & Christopher Lee - The Ents' Marching Song
Oliver Stone over de De Keyserlei
Blurt - The Tree Is Dead, Long Live The Tree
Ken Post - Brown Leigh (live in de studio)
Willem Vermandere - Van nen Boom
Verslag Vurige Tongen 2017: Opening, Goslink, Niels Hamel, Aja Waalwijk
Loewie Anders - Spijtig (live in de studio)
Zandman - Met de ogen toe
Zandman - Plak jezelf terug aan elkaar
Loewie Anders & Jos Halpern - Daar in de Stille Stad (live in de studio)
Blaastaal – Wij Frezen Ook Stronken Uit
John S Hall and Kramer – The Trees
Rafa over ecologische evoluties in de stad
Verslag Vurige Tongen 2017: Aja Waalwijk, Pete The Temp, Yank, Rolling Beat Machine
Ken Post & Jos Halpern – Ramblin' Man (live in de studio)
Den Ambrassband – 15 Jaar
KermesZ à lEst – Brasspartij @ Veemarkt
John Trudell – Song Of The Trees / Warm Springs Honoring
The Beach Boys – A Day In The Life Of A Tree
The Kinks – The Village Green Preservation Society

vrijdag 2 juni 2017

l☼skes dr☼aje
(pic by 11*k*)
Uitgezonden 01.06.2017 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 (Antwerp)
☼n air every thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r l☼nger)
Can – Splash
Jimi Hendrix – Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Daniel Lanois – Deconstruction
The Rolling Stones – Dandelion
Country Joe McDonald - Agent Orange Song
Neil Young + Promise of the Real – Monsanto Years
David Peel & The Lower East Side – We Love You
Donovan (featuring Jeff Beck) Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)
David Moss - Dance On
Michael Franti – Stay Human
Ken Post & The Three Chord Jazz Band – Animal
slÖ – probeert tekst van Dirk Vekemans voor te lezen… “Geef er een draai aan”
Don Partridge – Rosie
Matt Watts – Time Turns As An Engine
Deni Bonet – Invisible
Love – The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This
The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain – Anarchy In The UK
Hersencellen – Saboteer
Fanfaar Fatal – Mama Sita!
Frank Zappa – Titties and Beer
Backwater Gregg – Gone Fishing
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – It Ain't Necessarily So
Johnny Dodds – Perdido Street Blues
David Moss, Michael Rodach – Deep Down
Wagonman – Movoco Synthaca

vrijdag 26 mei 2017

Deni blinkt z☼ewals ze klinkt*

Deni Bonet & Don Piper – Bright Shiny Objects European Spring Tour laajf in de studi☼ 
(pic by 11*k*)
Uitgezonden 25.05.2017 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 (Antwerp)
☼n air every thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r l☼nger)
Christophe Boven - Coupe de Ville (live in de Après-doos)
Hot Tuna – Killing Time in the Crystal City
The Doors - The Crystal Ship
Jacques Plafond - From Hell To Breakfast
AC/DC – Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be
Jacques Brel – Bruxelles
Deni Bonet – Raise The Roof
Deni Bonet & Don Piper – Light This Candle, One In A Million (live in de studio)
Deni Bonet – Bright Shiny Objects
Deni Bonet & Don Piper Cynical Girl (live in de studio)
Deni Bonet – Palisades 
Herb Diamante & At Jennie Richie - They're Shiny!  
Madeleine Peyroux – Shout Sister Shout
Leon Russell & Friends – Crystal Closet Queen
Tommy James & The Shondells – Crystal Blue Persuasion
Equinox, the Peacekeeper - Until My Voice Is True
Willie Dixon – Study War No More
Donovan – The Ballad Of A Crystal Man
David Peel & The Lower East Side – The Pope Smokes Dope
Chevy McKinzie - Dump that Trump
Frank Zappa & Steve Vai - Fuck Yourself
Gert – Burgerlijke Ongehoorzaamheid
Michael Franti & Spearhead – Soulshine