maandag 2 september 2013

Eam☼nn D☼wd in C☼ncert*

this thunderday 14:00 - 16:00 @ De Muziekdoos (Radio Centraal 106.7 ( or streaming ) and afterwards @ Bar Nadar

be there or be square

"Since the mid 90’s Eamonn Dowd and The Racketeers have brought their fiery brand of americana to audiences throughout Europe, releasing seven albums along the way. In recent years Dowd has toured (either with The Racketeers or solo) throughout Germany, Scandinavia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Estonia, Austria, Czech, east coast USA and Canada.

Eamonn is currently touring Europe to promote his brand new solo album 'Things Aren't the Way They Used To Be'.

No stranger to the highways and by ways of Europe, Canada and the US, Dubliner Eamonn Dowd is one of the great survivors of Irish rock ‘n’ roll – so old-school that he released an album on cassette just a few years back...... Featuring 12 tracks, this rough and ready country/garage collection is so raw you can practically smell the stale fags and booze. Against a basic backing of guitar, bass, drums and the occasional harmonica, Dowd growls his songs of wandering, revenge, obsession, regret and the occasional party...... On ‘When I First Came To Town’, he sounds like early period Nick Cave......His memorable version of Eddie Noack’s country murder ballad ‘Psycho’ sticks in the mind like blood on a barroom floor......... this wonderfully raw album won’t let you forget the way they once were – and will definitely appeal to rockers of a certain vintage. "

" An album brimful of intent and spirit that starts out snarling and finishes with a defiant spit.....It is everything you would expect from a man who fronted a wild and hard rocking touring band for over 15 years. It is raw and full of guitars, spite and spittle....This man must be immense live and after listening to this any one would know that a night with Eamonn Dowd on stage would be a full on experience."