zaterdag 12 juli 2014

Tesla's Butt☼ns in tha Green


Uitgezonden 10.07.2014 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 (Antwerp)
☼n air every thunderday 14 - 16 u



ArcAttack - Star Wars Imperial March on Tesla Coils
Masters of Lightning - Ghostbusters With Musical Tesla Coils
The History of Nikola Tesla (a Short Story)
Catweazle – electrickery
Fabrício H. Franzoli - Beethoven Symphony No.9 at Musical Tesla Coil (Bobina de Tesla)
Louis Neefs - 't winkeltje
The White Stripes - The Hardest Button To Button
Henry Mancini - Push the Button Max!
Catweazle – electrickery
The Chemical Brothers - Shake Break Bounce (Push The Button)
Julius Fucik - Entry Of The Gladiators
Miriam Makeba - Pata Pata
Mills Brothers – Caravan
Bert Jansch - Alice's Wonderland
ZZ Top - Velcro Fly
Al Hirt - Fancy Pants
John Coltrane - On Green Dolphin Street
Grant Green - The Kicker
Breedbekkickers - Hou Kontakt
the Joyous Cosmology – Tesla in the Moscow Woods (live @ Pallazio 09.07.2014)
Steve Caton's and Eric Goodchild's 7 foot tall Musical Tesla Coils - House of The Rising Sun
ACDC - High Voltage
Jimi Hendrix - (Have You Ever Been To) Electric Ladyland
Wanda Jackson - Fujiyama Mama
Sun Ra - the sun one
Ella Fitzgerald - Água De Beber (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
Atlantic Cable – My Toy Ray-Gun
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Head On

zaterdag 5 juli 2014

Duuvels H☼t & Red

ni z☼e vuil gezwaarf want Kafka verj☼art...

Uitgezonden  03.07.2014 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 (Antwerp)
☼n air every thunderday 14 - 16 u
Bobby Womack - It's All Over Now
Herinnering aan Etjén
the Rolling Stones - It's All Over Now (Werchter, 28.06.2014)
the Red Devils – Mr. Highway Man
Mick Jagger & the Red Devils - Blues with a Feeling (take 5)
Mick Jagger & the Red Devils - Still a Fool (take 4)
Orson Welles - Kafka's Parable Of Law (The Trial – Prologue)
Leonard Cohen - There Is A War
The Cramps – Garbageman
GTO's - The Eureka Springs Garbage Lady
Ken Post – Gloom & Doom (live in a car)
the Rolling Stones - Midnight rambler (Werchter, 28.06.2014)
CAN - Spoon (Live in Paris 1973)
Spoon -The Underdog
The Pink Fairies - Tomorrow Never Knows
Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Grandpa's Interview
Big Brother & The Holding Company – Summertime
XINONIX - Het Spookhuis
John Renbourn - The Cuckoo
Valerie June - Workin' Woman Blues