vrijdag 14 juni 2019


R.I.P. Malcolm John (Mac) Rebennack Jr.

(pic: slÖ -Jean Verame's Blue Rocks @ Aoumerkt (Maroc))

Uitgezonden 13.06.2019 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)


Dr. John - Zu Zu Mamou, Storm Warning, Such a Night, Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya,  I Walk On Guilded Splinters
Van Morrison, George Benson, Dr. John, Santana, Etta James & Tom Scott – Moondance
Dr John feat. Anthony Kiedis - Shut D Fonk Up
Dr. John – Mac's Boogie, Cruella De Vil, Revolution
Stef Kamil Carlens – Making Butter, Baking Bread
Bram Vermeulen - De Steen
Wannes Van De Velde - Een Schip
Leon Redbone – Shine On Harvest Moon
Robert Crumb And The Cheap Suit Serenaders - Singing in the Bathtub
Weldon Irvine – Bananas
Big Mama Thornton - I Shall Be Released
Tom McClung – Butterfly
Archie Shepp / Tom McClung - Round Midnight
Marion Brown – Maimoun
Dr. John - Mama Roux, It Ain’t No Use

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zaterdag 8 juni 2019

Turn On The Light & Tang☼

laajf in de studi☼: Hanna Fearns & Dominga Tango


(pic: 11*k*)

Uitgezonden 06.06.2019 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)

Front 242 - Lovely Day
Dave Baby Cortez - Cat Nip
Maurice & Mac - You Left The Water Running
Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger - Save The Country
Joan Baez (with Jeffrey Shurtleff) - One Day At A Time
Wishbone Ash - Open road
Hanna Fearns – Queen of England
Hanna Fearns (live) – Turn On The Light, Shady Day, It Never Rains In Southern California, Ocean, The Golden Age, Running Away
Hanna Fearns – Act Of Grace, When I‘m Falling
Dominga Tango (live) – Danzarín, Lo que vendrá, Morena, Nocturna
Tom Waits – Tango till they're sore
Arno - Tango de la peau
Ken Post - Cathedral bells
Fred Van Hove - Tango Reveil
Goran Bregovic - Tango

herbeluister / listen: https://www.mixcloud.com/straatsalaat/turn-on-the-light-tango/


videos by 11*k*:

woensdag 5 juni 2019

Hemelvaardinges met kieskaters

En wa anarchistieze verlichting met Rafa en Feathers & More laajf...

(pic: slÖ)

Uitgezonden 30.05.2019 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)


Black To Comm - Spiralen Der Erinnerung
Freek de Jonge En Stips - Heer Heb Meelij (Met De Belgen)
DAAU - delete alt and undo
Butsenzeller – Voteshutupworkconsume
Logic – The Warning
Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Passage to Promise
Melanie - Beautiful People
Bob Marley - Stir It Up
Mauro Pawlowski - Come share my mood
Blurt - People Can Fly
Nat King Cole - Straighten Up & Fly Right
Skip James – I Want To Be More Like Jesus
William DeVaughn - Be Thankful For What You Got
Luc De Vos – Ode an die Freude
Sonic Youth - Youth Against Fascism
Muerti - Antifascist Oi !
AC/DC – Highway to Hell
Heaven 17 - We Don't Need No Fascist Groove Thing
Eno & Hyde - The Satellites
Sun City Girls - Shanghai Satellite
Lou Reed - Satellite of Love
Norman Greenbaum - Spirit In The Sky
Jan Vercammen– Daddy Swa, Electric Negative 
Bob Marley - Redemption Song
Feathers & More – Fairy Man (live @ Wedding Ingrid & Oswald)
A NYC Cabbie – Counting To 100 In French
Armand - In De Kosmos
Gert – Kweek zelf of koop lokaal
Feathers & More (live) – More, April Come She Will
Woody Guthrie – Tear the fascists down
Donovan - Jabberwocky
King Britt feat. Bahamadia - Transcend
Arbeid Adelt! - Met Kuifje In De Satelliet
David Bowie - Looking For Satellites
Sun Ra - Lights on a Satellite
Andre Brasseur - Early Bird Satellite
Hawkwind - Satellite

herbeluister / listen: https://www.mixcloud.com/straatsalaat/hemelvaardinges-met-kieskaters/



zaterdag 25 mei 2019

Whirljump travels

& m☼veries

(pic: 11*k*)

Uitgezonden 23.05.2019 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)


Nahko Bear – Warrior People
Al O'Kane – I'm for Frome
Stef Kamil Carlens & Arno - You Gotta Move
Trilok Gurtu - African Fantasy
Marva Hodge & Moody Sec - Let The Sun Shine In
Tina Turner - Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
Shirley Wahls - We've Got To Keep On Moving On
Elena Madera - Pu-Chun-Ga
Etran Finatawa - Surbajo
Daniel Lanois - Luna Samba
Tim Buckley - Wayfaring Stranger
Lester Young & John Coltrane – Exercise in Swing Tk2
Ben Miller Band – 23 Skidoo
23 Skidoo - Catch 23
‘tMuziekdooscollectief – Doellied, ik weet het niet (Herman J. Claeys)
Cornelis Vreeswijk - De laatste tocht van een speelman
Best of Friends - Pilgrim song
Dorre – Greatest Amount of Life Force
Linus + Skarbø/Leroux - Down
Droma of Talo - Pilgrim's Song
David Lindley & Wally Ingram - Pilgrim Song/The Circle Be Unbroken
Gétatchew Adamassu - Tezeta (Slow)
Oscar Aleman - Just A Little Swing
Sun Ra - Between Two Worlds
Talking Heads - What A Day That Was
Gert – De Afgrond In

herbeluister / listen: https://www.mixcloud.com/straatsalaat/whirljump-travels/



maandag 20 mei 2019



(pic: slÖ)
Uitgezonden 16.05.2019 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)


The International Sweethearts Of Rhythm - Jump Children
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Get Up and Jump
The Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash
James Scott – Frog Legs Rag
Judy Garland - The Joint Is Really Jumpin' at Carnegie Hall
Fats Waller – Joint is Jumpin'
Wayne Hancock – Juke Joint Jumping
Slim Gaillard - Jumpin' at the Record Shop
Onie Wheeler - Jump Right Out Of This Jukebox
Van Morrison - Jumpin' With Symphony Sid
Dr. John - Jump Sturdy
Fleetwood Mac – Jumpin' at Shadows
Colosseum - Jumping Off The Sun
Arthur Lee - Love Jumped Through My Window
Jan Garbarek, Miroslav Vitous, Peter Erskine - Jumper
Direct Sound - Together Before Jumping
Bill Frisell, Art Baron, Francis Thumm, Greg Cohen, Marc Ribot - Jump Monk
Harry Belafonte - Jump down spin around
Louis Prima Featuring Kelly Smith With Sam Butera & The Witnesses - Jump, Jive An' Wail
Lightnin Hopkins - Lets Go Sit On The Lawn
John Zorn - Walk to Park
Captain Beefheart - The Witch Doctor Life
Pigbag - Jump the Line
Brian Eno with Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams - Bone Jump
Henry Kaiser and David Lindley - The Jumper
Harry Nilsson - Jump Into The Fire
Mungo Jerry - Baby Jump
Dr. John – Marie Laveau
Billy Preston - Will It Go Round in Circles
Marcia Griffiths - Feel Like Jumping




maandag 13 mei 2019

Wa l☼sse dr☼ajkes*

wllekskes, manekes, memrekes, swingeskes, ☼☼gskes, sepkes, blezekes, biekes, steurmkes, zeurregskes, Xkes, znnekes, nief petatsjes, jazzkes, klkskes, dr☼☼mekes, walskes, cajenekes, rllekes, v☼☼d☼☼kes, baaregskes, waterkes en t☼ebak…

(pic: 11*k*)
Uitgezonden 09.05.2019 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)


Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli - Nuages
Stuart Jones – Fly Me to the Moon
Chet Baker – I Remember You
Slim Gaillard & His Trio – Spanish Melody & Swing
Nomad Swing – Them There Eyes
La Mela - Wondertoxic
Camille Howard & Her Trio - X-temperanous Boogie
Django Reinhardt & Quintette du Hot Club de France - Minor Swing
The Boswell Sisters - It Don't Mean A Thing
Les Primitifs Du Futur - Scatt'in the Blues
Memphis Minnie - Bumble Bee
T-Bone Walker - They Call It Stormy Monday
Jack Elliott & Derroll Adams - Worried Man Blues
Ferre Grignard - My Crusified Jesus
Society - Crystal Sunshine
Grateful Dead - New Potato Caboose
Tiny Legs Tim - Big City Blues
Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown - Dirty Work At The Crossroad
Ray Charles - Drown In My Own Tears
Bireli Lagrene Ensemble - Black eyes
McCoy Tyner - My Favorite Things
John Zorn, Thurston Moore - Jazz Laundromat
Nestels - Klokkespin
Jethro Tull - Sweet Dream
Robert Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Cuckoo Waltz
Daau - Waltz Delire
Pan de Capazo - Snake Charmer
The Incredible String Band - Waltz of the New Moon
Daevid Allen - Gone & Wandering Waltz
The Balfa Brothers - Drunkard's Sorrow Waltz
Clifton Chenier - I'm The Zydeco Man
David Lindley & Ry Cooder - Bon Temps Roulez
KasjaNoova & Paola Pica – The Muse
T. S. Steel – Voodoo Sensei
Derroll Adams - The Mountain
Fad Gadget - The Box
the Akwesasne Women Singers - Water Song
Eric Burdon & War - Tobacco Road




zaterdag 4 mei 2019


En laajf in de studi☼:  Al O’Kane

(pic: Catherine Kinsman) 

Uitgezonden 02.05.2019 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)


The Beginning Of The End – Funky Nassau
Johnny 'Guitar' Watson – Finger-Pickin' Johnny
Magpie Lane – May Song
Bob Brozman – Workman’s Room
The Roseline – Work And Love
Janis Joplin – Work Me, Lord
Arbeid Adelt! – Death Disco
Al O’Kane (live) – Losing it, Sweet Nothing
Al O’Kane – Animals
Al O’Kane (live) – Skyrocket, Butterfly Mind, I Want Some Peace
Al O’Kane – I'm for Frome
Al O’Kane (live) – It Helps to be in Love
Al O’Kane – Better Place
Christophe Boven – Sugar Mountain (live @ Leentje’s)
Lonnie Donegan – Bring A Little Water, Sylvie
Dorothy Ashby – Aeolian Groove (beginning overmixed by Moondog’s “from 1 to 9”)
The Meters - Sophisticated Cissy
War – Low Rider
Feathers & More – Boontje
Vered Ben-Kiki - I Travelled The World
Sly & the Family Stone – Hobo Ken
The Soul Machine – Twitchie Feet

herbeluister / listen: https://www.mixcloud.com/straatsalaat/foenkelkroenkels/

zaterdag 27 april 2019

dr☼☼mpkes in den dr☼aj

In den draj dus...

 (pic: slÖ)
Uitgezonden 25.04.2019 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)


Jimi Hendrix - Rainy Day, Dream Away
Nestels - Dromen in Lente
Jeff Buckley - Dream of You and I
Jan de Stroper - Je verdwijnt weer in je dromen
Chet Baker - Deep in a Dream
Dream Express – A million in one, two, three
Nightmares on Wax - Back To Nature
The Experimental Tropic Blues Band - Mexico Dream Blues
The Everly Brothers - All I Have To Do Is Dream
Sieben - Post-Brexit Dreams of Albion
Billie Holiday - I've Got A Date With A Dream
Patti Smith - Holy (Dream Of Life)
The Nice - Hang On To A Dream
Willy Willy & the Voodoo Band - In Every Dream House
Lou Reed & John Cale - A Dream
Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat - Shake Off Your Dreams
Bill Lee – Cruella De Vil
Supertramp – Dreamer
The Lovin' Spoonful - Daydream
Tomorrow - Real Life Permanent Dream
White Noise - Your Hidden Dreams
Propaganda - Dream Within A Dream
Louis Armstrong - Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Marty Balin - We Rise With Our Dreams

herbeluister / listen:  https://www.mixcloud.com/straatsalaat/droompkes-in-den-droaj/



zaterdag 20 april 2019

Witten D☼nder

En laajf in de studi☼: Paul Van Dessel, V.P.M. Bio, The Strawhats,  Feathers & More en K@

Uitgezonden 18.04.2019 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)


Aphex Twin – White Blur 1
Paul Van Dessel (live) – Angel Eyes
V.P.M. Bio (live) – Looptocht
Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
Paul Van Dessel & Jef Van Ruyssevelt – Angel Eyes
V.P.M. Bio (live) – Je mag bij mij komen winkelen 
Captain Beefheart - White Jam
The Bonzo Dog Band - Can Blue Men Sing The Whites
Paul Van Dessel (live) – Wachter
V.P.M. Bio (live) – Twents Geluk; Boven het Almelose Gras
Cream - White Room
V.P.M. Bio (live) – It Never Entered my Mind; Ruby, My Dear; Zwart voor Witte Dood; Seefhoek; Stoofvlees met Frieten
Jack White - I'm Shakin'
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - White Jesus
Gasoline Lollipops - White Trash
The Whites - Keep on the Sunny Side
The Strawhats (live) – You Raise me up; Fairy tales are real; Auld Lang Syne; Way I feel in time; Gently changing the world; Fools rush in; Gananim; Life is not like that; What's the use?; Wandering round without a clue; Moon river; You are my sunshine
The Hu – Wolf Totem
Gert – Burgerlijke Ongehoorzaamheid; Rijkdom Verdeel
Feathers & More (live) – Open; Redemption Song; One More Cup of Coffee
Old & In The Way - White Dove
Paul Van Dessel & Roger Van de Brande  – Zonder Eiffel toren
Weird Owl - White Hidden Fire
de witkop eenden
Jimmy Yancey - White Sox Stomp
John Lee Hooker - Two White Horses
K@ (live) – Hey Man; I’m Proud of You; Sexy Motherfucker
Yo La Tengo - White Light/White Heat

herbeluister / listen:  https://www.mixcloud.com/straatsalaat/witten-donder/


maandag 15 april 2019

L☼ewie L☼ewie

11 april is International Louie Louie Day 

Uitgezonden 11.04.2019 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)

Pierre Henry – Psyche Rock
Grateful Dead & Hot Tuna - Louie Louie
Richard Berry - Louie Louie
Rene Touzet - El Loco Cha Cha
Rice University Marching Band – Louie Louie
tMuziekd☼☼scllectief – Lewie Lewie
The Kingsmen - Louie Louie
Sonics - Louie Louie
Otis Redding - Louie Louie
The Mothers of Invention - Louie Louie
Motörhead - Louie Louie
Black Flag/Dez Cadena - Louie Louie
Vaya Con Dios - Don't Cry For Louie
Leo Coomans - Louie Louie
The Troggs - Louie Louie
Iggy Pop - Louie Louie
Barry White - Louie Louie
Joske Harry's & The King Creoles - Louie Louie
The Cramps - Louie Louie
The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Chuck Berry - Havana Moon
The Bunny Brains - Louie Louie
The Doors - Louie Louie
39 Clocks - Psychotic Louie Louie
Lightnin' Slim & Lazy Lester – Hoodoo Man
Lightnin' Slim - It's Mighty Crazy
a High School Jazz Band – Louie Louie
Joan Jett and The Blackhearts - Louie Louie
Toots and the Maytals - Louie Louie
Toots and the Maytals - Funky Kingston
The Iguanas - Louie Louie
Sisters Of Mercy - Louie Louie
Skip James – Crow Jane
Les Dantz and His Orchestra - Louie Louie
The Clash - Louie Louie
Yma Sumac - Amor Indio
Dark Poem – Euphoria
Maureen Tucker - Louie Louie
The Kinks - Louie Louie
Loewie Anders – De Waanzin
Louis Armstrong - Blues in the Night
The Sandpipers - Louie Louie
Michelle Phillips - Aloha Louie
Impossibles - Louie Louie (The Hallelouie Chorus)
The Troggs - Louie Louie
Rockin' Robin Roberts & The Wailers - Louie Louie


International Louie Louie Day: http://www.louieday.org