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vrijdag 19 oktober 2018

Stemmege biejsjes

En nog wa winstverlies...
(pic: 11*k*)
Uitgezonden 18.10.2018 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)

Bobby Darin - Talk To The Animals
African Elephant
Ken Post – Animal
The Animals - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Talking Heads - Animals
Hashbamboo Shuffle – The Zoo
Arthur Greenhall and Nicholas Collias - Indian Elephant
Tiny Tim - Oliphant The Elephant
Harry Belafonte - Chickens
Frank Zappa - Frogs With Dirty Little Lips
Napoleon XIV - The Place Where the Nuts Hunt the Squirrels
The Joyous Cosmology – Squirrel
Gipsy Kings - La Cucaracha
George Clinton - Atomic Dog
Fred Frith and Maybe Monday - Digital Wildlife
New Riders Of The Purple Sage - The Last Lonely Eagle
The Beatles - Blackbird (Rehearsal Take)
Jean-Luc Ponty - Egocentric Molecules
Dave Holland Quartet - Conference Of The Birds
Konvoï - The City
Bram Vermeulen - De Wedstrijd
Gert - Vluchtelingen Welkom
Woody Guthrie - Tear The Fascists Down
Utah Phillips - I Will Not Obey
Conflict - The Ungovernable Force
Lauryn Hill - Consumerism
Bob Marley & the Wailers - War/No More Trouble
Barbi & The Kens - Not Your Steppin' Stone
Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground



vrijdag 12 oktober 2018

The Pi Jacobs Sh☼w

Π-Day in Antwerp
… en vergetnitegoanstemme zondag...
(pic: 11*k*)
Uitgezonden 11.10.2018 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)

Alpha Blondy - Politiqui
Byrds - I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician
Groep Wannes Van de Velde - De Politieken Toer
Seeger, Glazer, Hays, & Wood - Voter, Oh Voter
Alice Cooper – Elected
South 33 - Le Coup de Foudre
Pi Jacobs (live) – First Thing Tomorrow, Whatever, Dance Yourself Clean, Trying to be Loved, Weed and Wine, Icy Road, Home
Tim Buckley - Song to the Siren
Pi Jacobs (live) – No Sin To Be Poor, Party Girl, Nothing to Lose, Diana the Hunter, Good Things
Butsenzeller - Voteshutupworkconsume
This Mortal Coil - Song to the Siren

(pic: 11*k*)

(capture: 11*k*)


vrijdag 5 oktober 2018

Laajf: Chuck Hawthorne & Libby Koch / Matt Van

van Iowa nor Amarillo en Houston…
(pic: 11*k*)
Uitgezonden 04.10.2018 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)


Jefferson Airplane – Volunteers
Matt Van (live) - Boxing Dreams, Critical Mass, Anna Donia, Pigeon and the Dove, I Can't Make You Love Me, Underwater, I Don't Wanna
Gert - Kerngezond in een stralend Belgie
Chuck Hawthorne & Libby Koch (live) – Silver Line, Just Move On, Leaving Amarillo, Back to Houston, Welding Son of a Gun, Medicine Man, Gospel Hammer, Gospel Song, Amarillo Wind, Out Of My Misery, New Lost Generation, Burden
Gert - Kerngezond in een stralend Belgie
Jefferson Airplane - Crown of Creation


Chuck Hawthorne:


zaterdag 29 september 2018

Free Fall

invalle en uitvalle zonder ☼ep te valle...
(pic: slÖ)
Uitgezonden 27.09.2018 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)


    Frank Zappa - Trouble Everyday
    Tom Petty - Free Fallin'
    Laurie Anderson - Walking & Falling
    Dirty Three - In Fall
    Marianne Faithfull - Falling From Grace
    Screamin' Lord Sutch - She's Fallen In Love With The Monsterman
    John & Yoko & Plastic Ono Band - Listen The Snow Is Falling
    Rollin' Roland – Short Wave
    Butsenzeller - Half A Century
    South 33 – Moon River
    Catweazle – Electrickery
    Frank Zappa - The Story Of Electricity
    Allen Toussaint - Electricity
    Anne Clark - Poem for a Nuclear Romance
    John Frusciante - Fallout
    Blurt - The Windmills Of Lingeray
    The Ex - Blueprints for a Blackout
    The Fall - Blindness
    Steven Grietens - Ik Ben Zo Verblind (De Vall)
    Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen - Ain't Nothin' Shakin' But The Leaves
    Tony Randall & Jack Klugman - When Banana Skins Are Falling (I'll Come Sliding Back To You)
    Ferron - Snowin' In Brooklyn
    Leon Russell – A Hard Rains A-Gonna Fall
    The Triffids - Falling over You
    Julee Cruise - Falling in Love
    Feathers & More & Jan (mijne man) (live) - Feamojan, Amelie, Whiskey for Breakfast
    Rollin' Roland - Untill now
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vrijdag 21 september 2018

Punkzenze 2 in de wintertuin van de naughty kids

En laajf in de “studdej☼☼”: Free Chezz met Nestels & W. Ravenveer
(pic: 11*k)
Uitgezonden 20.09.2018 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)

Sham 69 – If The Kids Are United
The Kids - Bloody Belgium, Razorblades For Sale, Facist Cops, This Is Rock and Roll, Do You Love the Nazis, Do You Want To Know (live @ WFMU)
Cell 609 – Chaos In Belgium
Heavy Capuccino & The Flying Stukas – Everlasting Energy
Juice Heads – Flemish Reggae
The Razors – It's High Time
Nestels with W. Ravenveer (live) – Free Chezz
Les Tueurs De La Lune De Miel – No Issue
Cell 609 – Om-Ba-Wey-O
Thurston Moore – Cease Fire
Nestels with W. Ravenveer (live) – Free Chezz (revenge)
Wire – A Touching Display
Butthole Surfers – All Day
The Exploited – Alternative
Front 242 – Art & Strategy
Thin White Rope – Ants Are Cavemen
The Kids – If The Kids Are United (live @ AB)
De Bossen – Speed Queen
The Boswell Sisters - It Don't Mean A Thing
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Space Oddity
The Kids – I Feel Alright (live @ AB)



vrijdag 14 september 2018

punkzen vantusse de ruis van de wintertuin van de naughty kids

En een interview van Ken Post met Lenny North in 2005 of 2006...
(pic: slÖ)
Uitgezonden 13.09.2018 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)


The Kids - City is Dead, Bloody Belgium (live @ WFMU)
Frank Zappa - Flower Punk
The Tubes - I Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk
Belgian Asociality - Bompa Punk
De Bossen - Dead Moon Headcoat
Jan Garbarek, Ravi Shankar, Zakir Hussain & Trilok Gurtu - Rest in Peace
Daniel Johnston & Yo La Tengo - Speeding Motorcycle
The Fall – Music Scene
Butsenzeller - Voteshutupworkconsume
Ken Post – Over the Rainbow
Ken Post interviews Lenny North (2005 or 2006)
Ken Post – Move On
Leo Wijnkamp – Return of Dr. Hackenbush
Poison Girls - Riot in My Mind
Dog Faced Hermans - Keep Your Laws Off My Body
The Ex - Blueprints for a Blackout
Wire - Let's Panic Later
Zen Guerrilla - Chicken Scratch
Spizzenergi - Soldier Soldier
Ian Hunter-Mick Ronson Band - (Give Me Back My) Wings



Ken Post:


dinsdag 11 september 2018

12 september 2018 - Funeral & remembrance Lenny North

R.I.P. Lenny*

(moviestill by Ken Post)

the funeral service will be 12 september, 13:00u (30 minutes)
Crematorium Antwerpen, aula Aster 
Jules Moretuslei 2 
2610 Antwerpen-Wilrijk.

s 'Avonds komen we samen in :
In the evening we come together at :

Koepoortbrug 4
2000 Antwerpen

Program :
20:00u : remembrances
21:00u : videos
22:00u : jam session

vrijdag 7 september 2018

In mem☼riam Lenny North / the Kris Angelis sh☼w

herinneringen aan Lenny North met Ken Post
...en Kris Angelis (en Charles) konserteere…
(pic: An ☼ni muse)
Uitgezonden 06.09.2018 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)


Impact - Hoedown
Lenny North - Dizzy
Blue Blot - Let Me Be The One
Lenny North, Marty Townsend, Curt Hansen and Gianni Manente - Scrub Vibe
Ken Post - Give The Devil His Due
Lenny North - The Trial of Charly Parker, Shades of Blue
Ken Post - Cartoon Keith
Ken Post & the 3 Chord Jazzband - Old Mick Jagger had a Farm, Animal
Ken Post – Move On
Desperate Men - Ghost Riders
Ken Post - Hoop For The Lowly
Leo Wijnkamp – Elephant march
Kris Angelis (live) – Photobooth, Stained Glass, Heartbreak is Contagious, Bravest, Mini Horses (mini version), The Sparrow, Kevin Bacon, Because You're Mine
Bobby – That's how it is
Lenny North – van 't Putteke van Matsijs noar de Kathedraal

to whom it may concern: funeral service Lenny North will be September 12th
from 13h till 13h30 exactly
at Crematorium Antwerpen - aula Aster
Jules Moretuslei 2 - 2610 Antwerpen-Wilrijk

Ken Post:

Kris Angelis:


vrijdag 31 augustus 2018

d☼eterwa rumba*

en laajf in de studi☼: Café Chantant, Feathers & More, Ken Post
... R.I.P. Lenny North
(pic: 11*k*)
Uitgezonden 30.08.2018 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)

Nestels - den andere stok? gewoen gezoenge!
Jerry Gonzalez - Evidence
Celia Cruz - Rumba Quiero Gozar
Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe - Ghana
Antoine Moundanda & Likembe Geant - Kesse Kesse
Rumbanella Band - Africa Mokili Mobimba
Ahmad Jamal Trio - New Rhumba
Gipsy Kings - La Rumba de Nicolas
Manu Chao - Lo Peor De La Rumba/Rumba De Barcelona/La Despedida
Rumberos de Cuba - Patio Egrem
Café Chantant (live) – Bei Mir Bist du Schön, Istambul, Je veux, Rum and Coca Cola, Chan Chan
Bourvil - La Rumba du Pinceau
Tito Puente - Para Los Rumberos
R.I.P. Lenny North
De Bossen (ft. Lenny North) – Train (fragment live @ Klappei 02.06.2012)
Blue Blot - Shopping For Love
Feathers & More (live) – Wagon Wheel, Dark Hollow
Ken Post (live) – Let It Shine
John Sinclair & his Antwerp Blues Scholars (ft. Lenny North) – live @ den Hopsack 01.12.2011
Bobby – Love, Insane
The Residents – Kaw-Liga
Kip Hanrahan - Sunshine Of Your Love
Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - La Rumba Experimental (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
Chick Corea - Armando's Rhumba
Johnny Mercer (orch. conducted by Benny Goodman) - When Yuba Plays The Rhumba On The Tuba
Kip Hanrahan - Rumba Of Cities

herbeluister / listen:


zaterdag 25 augustus 2018

R.I.P. Aretha*

In Mem☼riam Aretha Franklin
(pic: Frank Driggs)
Uitgezonden 23.08.2018 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)

Aretha Franklin - Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody
Aretha Franklin & Louis Armstrong - Summertime
Aretha Franklin - You Are My Sunshine
Aretha Franklin - Satisfaction
Aretha Franklin - Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive
Aretha Franklin - Think (with The Blues Brothers)
Aretha Franklin - Jumpin Jack Flash (with Keith Richards & Ronny Wood)
Aretha Franklin - Eleanor Rigby
Erma Franklin - (Take A Little) Piece Of My Heart
Aretha Franklin & Eurythmics - Sisters Are Doin It For Themselves
Eurythmics - Recollection on Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox - Chain of Fools
Aretha Franklin - (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
Aretha Franklin - Never Grow Old
Aretha Franklin & Ray Charles - Spirit in the Dark
Aretha Franklin - Won't Be Long
Aretha Franklin - Evil Gal Blues
Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)
Aretha Franklin - Runnin' Out Of Fools
Aretha Franklin - You're A Sweet Sweet Man
Aretha Franklin - The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)
Aretha Franklin - If I Had A Hammer
Aretha Franklin - Mockingbird
Aretha Franklin - Young, Gifted And Black
Aretha Franklin - Son Of A Preacher Man
Aretha Franklin - A Little Bit Of Soul
Aretha Franklin - Right Now
Aretha Franklin - Love Is The Only Thing
Aretha Franklin - This Could Be The Start Of Something
Aretha Franklin - Walk on By (with & Peggy Lee)
Aretha Franklin - Spanish Harlem
Aretha Franklin - I Say A Little Prayer
Aretha Franklin - Over The Rainbow
Nick Cave, Shane MacGowan, Kylie Minogue, PJ Harvey, Anita Lane – Death is not the end
The Flatland Billies - Sjtümp
Cat Power - Aretha, Sing One For Me
Cat Power - Woman (ft. Lana Del Rey)
Jevetta Steele - I'm Calling You
Massive Attack ft. Hope Sandoval - The Spoils
Marc Ribot, Steve Earle & Tift Merritt - Srinivas
Tutu Puoane - Love Ends
Den Ambrassband - Call Of The Thousand Testikals
Aretha Franklin - More
Aretha Franklin - Respect
Aretha Franklin - One Room Paradise