zondag 21 februari 2016

Dark F☼lk with the Benzine Pr☼ject

Live performances by The Benzine Project​, Oswald Martens​, Loewie Anders​ en Ingrid Veerman​

(pic by Kristel​fke)

Uitgezonden 18.02.2016 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM​ (Antwerp)
☼n air every thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r l☼nger)

Moondog - Marimba Mondo 1 (The Rain Forest)
Derroll Adams – Rich and Rambling Boy
Orit Shimoni​ – If Love is a Religion
the Benzine Project – Long Way from Home, Pickin' a fight (Drunk Monkee), Sancho, Long Road Ahead, Catfood Holiday, Henry Chinaski's Blues, Because You're Wild (live in the studio)
Ken Post – Cathedral Bells
Mark – You do something to me (live in the Invisible Goa Project)
the Benzine Project – Weedsmokers Dream, Home Grown, Ain't Nobody Gonna Love Me Like The Devil Do  (live in the studio)
Ken Post – Devil Blues
Oswald Martens – Two Beautiful People (live in the studio)
Ingrid Veerman & Oswald Martens – Thunder & Lightning (live in the studio)
Oswald Martens –  Cheers, Flatland Billies Medley (live in the studio)
Loewie Anders & Ingrid Veerman – Eva, Daar in de Stille Stad (live in the studio)

 herbeluister / listen: https://www.mixcloud.com/straatsalaat/dark-flk-with-the-benzine-prject/ 


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