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vrijdag 7 september 2018

In mem☼riam Lenny North / the Kris Angelis sh☼w

herinneringen aan Lenny North met Ken Post
...en Kris Angelis (en Charles) konserteere…
(pic: An ☼ni muse)
Uitgezonden 06.09.2018 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)


Impact - Hoedown
Lenny North - Dizzy
Blue Blot - Let Me Be The One
Lenny North, Marty Townsend, Curt Hansen and Gianni Manente - Scrub Vibe
Ken Post - Give The Devil His Due
Lenny North - The Trial of Charly Parker, Shades of Blue
Ken Post - Cartoon Keith
Ken Post & the 3 Chord Jazzband - Old Mick Jagger had a Farm, Animal
Ken Post – Move On
Desperate Men - Ghost Riders
Ken Post - Hoop For The Lowly
Leo Wijnkamp – Elephant march
Kris Angelis (live) – Photobooth, Stained Glass, Heartbreak is Contagious, Bravest, Mini Horses (mini version), The Sparrow, Kevin Bacon, Because You're Mine
Bobby – That's how it is
Lenny North – van 't Putteke van Matsijs noar de Kathedraal

to whom it may concern: funeral service Lenny North will be September 12th
from 13h till 13h30 exactly
at Crematorium Antwerpen - aula Aster
Jules Moretuslei 2 - 2610 Antwerpen-Wilrijk

Ken Post:

Kris Angelis:


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