zaterdag 16 september 2023

Making the Cat Wise


(pic: slÖ)

uitgezonden 14.09.2023 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 FM (Antwerp)



Mud – The Cat Crept In

Steve Forbert - Big City Cat

Dr. Seuss – The Cat in the Hat

Tyrannosaurus RexCat Black (The Wizard's Hat)

Big Thief – Cattails

The Love Substitutes – Open

The Rudy Trouve Sextet – Thirtysix

Lionell Horowitz And His Combo – Forel

Kiss My Jazz - Warp 7

The Honourable House of the Thepaphone – All of They were She & He

Morphine - Like Swimming

John S. Hall & Kramer – Empty

Al Stewart - Year of the Cat

Jimmy Smith – The Cat

Zou Of ZoundZ and His Private Antwerp All-Stars – Catwalk In The Park feat. Fidel Gonzo

Nine and ½ – Clean as a Whistle

K@ & The Sexy MF's – Sexy Motherfokker

Messer Chups - Cat Mobile

Cat Power – Free

Jimi Hendrix - Cat Talking to Me

Herman Brood & His Wild Romance – Nightcat

Moondog - Big Cat

The Rolling Stones - Stray Cat Blues

The Skatalites - El Pussycat

Vanessa Daniëls (live) – Drift

Stray Cats - Stray Cat Strut

Bob Brozman – Dog and Cat

Equinox, the Peacekeeper - The Urge to Kill


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