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woensdag 6 november 2013

Galavanting in the W☼☼ds

guided by Eamonn Dowd...

(pic by Sarah Wagemans)

Uitgezonden 05.09.2013 in De Muziekdoos op Radio Centraal 106.7 (Antwerp)
☼ccupied every thunderday 14 - 16 u (☼r  l☼nger)


Jim Stafford - Wildwood Weed
Jethro Tull – Songs from the Wood
Paul Weller - Wild Wood
Heather Scott - Saria's Song (Lost Woods) (from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time)
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill
The Presidents Of the United States – Peaches
Henry Hall & His Orchestra - The Teddy Bear's Picnic
Eamonn Dowd & the Racketeers – You Know The Price
Eamonn Dowd – Mad Dreams (live in de studio)
Eamonn Dowd – Iron City (live in de studio)
Eamonn Dowd – Tell Old Bill (live in de studio)
Eamonn Dowd & the Racketeers –  Black Isis
Eamonn Dowd –  about Lady Olivia and Black Isis
Eamonn Dowd –  Lilith (live in de studio)
Eamonn Dowd –  about the Ring of Dowdcastles and how to clean them while touring
Eamonn Dowd –  She went out galavanting (live in de studio)
Eamonn Dowd & the Racketeers –  the Trip to Clonegal – Lady Olivia 
Eamonn Dowd –  Rambling Jack (live in de studio)
De Bossen - Torture Museum
Eamonn Dowd –  Straight down the line (live in de studio)
Oni – We Send (live @ Klebnikov Carnaval 2013)
Catweazle - Opening Titles
Bell'Arte Singers - The Oak Tree
Little Kim & the Alley Apple 3 - Ballad of the Old Oak Tree
Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf
MeShell Wolf - Oak Tree
999 - Little Red Riding Hood
slÖ – Marx quotes
DL Menard with The Mamou Playboys - Under the Old Oak Tree
Tony Orlando & Dawn - Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree

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